5 Ways To Help The Bees In Your Backyard

5 Ways To Help The Bees In Your Backyard

We recently spoke with Shelly Candel, director of Bee City Canada (our awesome partner), to ask her how we can help the bees in our own backyards. She gave us 5 little things that are easy to do, but that will make a world of difference for our pollinator friends. Check them out!

1. Plant plenty of nectar and pollen-rich fowers without pesticides.  Pesticides may kill what you don't like or want, but they also kill what we need to keep our soil and plants healthy.  Turns out a majority of people are applying pesticides incorrectly, causing tremendous problems.  Save money and learn to love the life that grows in your garden. Heatlhy soil = Healthy plants = healthy humans.

2. Use as many plants native to your region as possible. Native plants have evolved closely with native insects and are great friends.

3. Include a variety of flowers of different shapes and sizes that bloom throughout the growing season. Pollinators eat every day!

4. Grow vegetables in your garden. They are great for pollinators and great for our bellies. 

5. Don't be tidy in your garden - you can be a little lazy! Most bees are solitary and nest in the ground and in cavities. They need plant stems uncut, twigs and brush in small piles, and bare patches of ground. If you must have grass mow it once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Even better, let go of that grass altogether...grass is an empty shopping cart for all of the insects, birds and other life forms.  
An added bonus of all this? Getting to observe Mother Nature work her magic in your own backyard. We are all connected in this beautiful universe, and if you take care of nature, nature will take care of you. Embrace its wildness and unruliness, and it will reward you with its healing. Send pictures of your garden to hello@tsforbees.com and let us know what you are doing to help the bees in your backyard!