A Guide To Making New Years Resolutions

A Guide To Making New Years Resolutions
2017 has been a year of immense change and discovery for me. It was the year I took the time to reflect on, and consequently alter, my path in life and how I defined my goals. 


From corporate to independent.
From looking outwards for answers to looking inwards.
From defining success as a job title to defining success as a positive impact.


The outcome of this was quitting my job, establishing Tees For Bees, and embarking on a journey of self discovery and growth. 


Guide To New Year's Resolutions


As we enter 2018, many will make resolutions that, while well-intended, will ultimately not be sustained (ask me how well giving up sugar went last year). That being said, the intent behind making resolutions is good; we should always be striving for personal growth and positive change. So how can we do this sustainably? 

Here's my guide to making New Year's (or any time of year's) Resolutions:

Make a resolution that is value-based instead of goal-based 

Goals are great to have, in fact you should have goals, but they are 1. Going to be more difficult to achieve without underlying value-based motivation, and 2. They are sometimes represented by an arbitrary number or marker that ultimately may not have a large positive impact on your life despite the effort made to achieve the goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, it's 1. Going to be difficult to be motivated to do so without a deeper, underlying reason than simply wanting to lose weight and 2. Losing 10 pounds is an arbitrary action which may or may not make your life better.

Instead, one could make their resolution to be conscious & mindful about everything they put into their body, out of love for themselves and gratitude for their physical form. This may or may not lead to someone losing 10 pounds, but it will 1. Be easier to maintain because it is rooted in a personal value and 2. Overall have a larger impact on one's health than losing weight, as every decision they regarding what they consume would be affected by this resolution. It becomes more of a lifestyle than an arbitrary goal. 

Guide To New Year's Resolutions

Use your resolution as a basis for decision making

It's like having your little own philosophy that will make your life better! Refer back to your resolution so that you can make decisions and actions that will help you follow it.

Your resolution is a guide not a rule 

What makes some New Year's resolutions so difficult to stick to is that they are rigid; if you "give up" sugar and then have one sweet, you've failed and there goes your motivation. Whereas if your resolution is to be mindful about what you consume, you would have a sweet, be aware of its effects on your body, and adapt your behaviours from there. The resolution is meant to guide and help you reflect on your choices. 

Make sure it comes from a place of self-love!

The only way you're really going to be able to stick to any resolution is if you truly believe it's what's best for you at this time in your life. A resolution for the sake of having a resolution is futile.

Have a wonderful 2018 honeybees xo