Reconnecting With Nature in Kauai

We recently spent some time in Kauai amongst the beautiful hibiscus flowers and endless shores. But we also learned that 7 species of bees in Hawaii are officially considered endangered. This means the ecosystems they sustain are also at risk. We need to work together to provide safe & pesticide free environments for these bees so that we can protect this island paradise.

Our Kauai adventure took us on a hike through the Na Pali coast, on walks down neverending beaches, through jungles to spectacular waterfalls, and up mountains to stunning cliff views. The result was a profound appreciation of nature's beauty, as well as this video, which is meant to inspire others to deepen their relationship with Mother Earth. 


Tees For Bees doesn't just focus on saving the bees, but we also focus on reconnecting with nature as a whole. Caring for the bees is one of so many ways to get in touch with nature and its magic. We believe in travelling, getting outside, and observing Mother Nature's beauty first hand. We travel around the world spreading the Save The Bees message, and at the same time we create videos meant to awe, inspire, and get more people excited about reconnecting with and caring for nature.

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