The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Animal Lovers & Hippies ✌

It's holiday shopping time and you don't know what to buy for your vegan daughter? Your hippie best friend? Your environmentalist coworker? Look no further!

We've narrowed down our top 10 holiday gift picks for the animal lover / environmentalist / hippie in your life! 

1. We're biased, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with our Retro Save The Bees Tee. It comes in unisex sizing for a loose & comfy fit and 10% of profits go to saving the bees AND it's ethically made - perfect! 🐝  ($24.99)

Retro Yellow Save The Bees Tee Shirt

2. Our friends at One Species are on a mission to save a variety of endangered species, including the Southern Resident Killer Whale. Grab a pair of these adorable socks for a perfect stocking stuffer & 10% goes to saving endangered species. 🐳  ($16)

3. Wholesome Culture is the ultimate vegan apparel brand, and we love their iconic Holy Guacamole tee. Even better, a portion of the funds goes to saving our animal friends! 🐶  ($28.99)

4. Duffle & Co. is making the world a better place one bag at a time, and their vegan Amsler duffle bag plants 2 trees with every purchase. Better yet, every bag is handcrafted by families that are empowered and taught business foundations by the Duffle & Co team. 🌎  ($99)

5. Live somewhere chilly? Our Save The Bees pom-pom hat is a perfect stocking stuffer and great for the cold winter months. As always, we donate 10% to save the bees! 🐝  ($20)

Grey Save The Bees Pom Pom Hat

6. We are obsessed with this pro-vegan, pro-feminist tee from Veganized World. A perfect holiday gift for the feminist AND vegan in your life!✌ ($35)

7. The elephants need our help now more than ever, and The Elephant Pants make super cozy pants AND donate 10% of profits to saving the elephants. We love their funky Nellie Burgundy Harem Pants! 🐘  ($24)

8. Back to our friends at Wholesome Culture - the holidays are time to ~spread the love~ so there's no better gift than their Less Hate More Love tee! 💕  ($26.75)

9. You're reading this list because you need a gift for a hippie in your life, so what's more perfect than our Hippie tee? Cozy, retro, and as alwaaaaays, 10% goes to save those bee friends of ours. 🐝  ($24.99)

Retro White Hippie Tee Shirt

10. No list is complete without a snapback (okay maybe we just made that up), but for the hat-lover on your list, check out this awesome snapback from One Species. A portion of proceeds go to saving orcas - yaaaaas! 🌊   ($32.71)

Now get shopping & be sure to get your orders in on time for the holidays! If you're buying from us, that means get your orders in BY NOVEMBER 30TH.


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