We Are Officially A Bee Business!

Hey there Honey Bees!

Today we are excited because we have partnered up with Bee City to bring more pollinator-consciousness to cities across North America! 10% of our sales go to these initiatives to save the bees and pollinators, and we have been officially designated as a Bee Business (a business that gives back to the bees financially, while also meeting certain environmental requirements). This organization has already taught us so much about the little things people and cities can do to help our local pollinators.

Our first step: planting some pesticide-free, bee-friendly flowers! (be sure to check out which species of flowers are native to your region). This will help the bees feed themselves and stay healthy. When bees have good nutrition, we have good nutrition. 

For more info on Bee City, check them out at http://www.beecityusa.org/ (USA) or http://www.beecitycanada.org/ (Canada).


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