We Need To Wake Up

More than ever, it's time for the collective human consciousness to realize the importance of connecting with nature. 

There seems to be this cognitive dissonance between what we expect nature to provide for us versus how we are treating nature. We act as though we as humans are separate from nature; as though we are free to observe nature from the safe vantage point of our ivory tower, interacting with it and manipulating it only when it suits our needs. We build homes and technologies and tools to remove ourselves further and further from nature, while simultaneously irreversibly affecting the nature we seek to avoid. We want to do away with those parts of nature we deem unpleasant and then revel in those that we see as luxurious.

The fallacy in this is that we ARE nature. We are irrevocably and irreversibly part of nature, one with nature, living and breathing manifestations of nature. To distance ourselves from nature is to distance ourselves from ourselves. To ignore and damage nature in favour of what we see as our own benefit is to ignore and damage ourselves. Using nature only for our perceived short-term benefit will NEVER ultimately have a positive outcome for humans, because we ARE that nature. 

When you realize this, you can only act in one logical fashion: to take care of and love nature, and to do everything in your power to preserve its health. In doing so, you will be caring for and loving yourself and your fellow humans. Only once we collectively awaken and accept that we are one with nature will we be able to truly thrive on this tiny blue dot.  


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