Our Story

Hey there! 

I'm Kelly, a mechanical-engineer-turned-corporate-marketer-turned-entrepreneur living as a nomad. In early 2017, I got tired of working for a corporation that didn't align with my values and decided to create a company that did. I quit my job, invested all my time into this endeavour, and I never looked back. Tees For Bees was created out of a love for nature and and everything in it. 

Bee populations have been on decline since the late 1990's, which is troublesome because bees are deeply connected with many ecosystems and they pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including most of the crops we eat. The declining bee population is also representative of a larger issue: the destructive effects that we as human beings are having on nature as a whole. Nothing in nature operates in a vacuum; if the bees are in decline, so too is the health of our planet, and by extension, our health as human beings. If we want to help nature, I believe we should start with the bees. 

Tees For Bees Founder Kelly Butler

So how do we help? Tees For Bees creates buzz about saving the bees with some funky tee shirts. We aim to bring the cause to the mainstream and to raise awareness among groups that would not usually be knowledgeable about bees and pollinators (aka the majority of the population). Even better, we donate 10% of our profits (at least!) to our friends at Bee City to support the work they're doing to save the bees. We also participate in community outreach projects and educating young children. 

There are so many ways you can help as well, and educating yourself is the first step. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the work we're doing and do your part to spread the message. 🐝

Thanks for checking us out and let's work together to keep Earth beautiful!

Lots of love, 

Kelly (founder & nature lover)