Tees for Bees Story

How Tees for Bees Started

Kelly, a Candian mechanical-engineer-turned-corporate-marketer-turned-entrepreneur, founded tees for Bees in 2017.

Kelly Tees for Bees founder

Kelly wanted to start a business that aligned with her passion for nature and conservation. And thus, Tees for Bees was born.

"If we want to help nature, I believe we should start with the bees."

Why Bees?

Bee populations have been on the decline since the late 1990s. This decline is troublesome because bees are deeply connected with many ecosystems. They pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including most of the crops we eat.

How it's Going...

In 2020, Matt took over from Kelly.

Matt Hallowes

"I'm blown away by the brand and community Kelly has created. I'm excited to be involved with Tees for Bees and continue to build the brand."

Upon taking over in March 2020 (great timing, right!), Matt had two goals he wanted to achieve:

  1. Switch all Tees for Bees products to organic cotton.
  2. Use only US-Made apparel.

And thus, Honeycomb Hippie was born.

Honeycomb Hippie - A Tees for Bees Brand

Honeycomb Hippie Logo

We spent most of 2020 developing our new in-house brand, Honeycomb Hippie.

With COVID-19, this was challenging on so many levels!

As a company that supports the bees, we felt we had to move away from regular cotton to an organic alternative.

Organic cotton ensures farmers don't use harmful chemicals, which have a disastrous effect on pollinator populations. By switching to organic cotton, we're doing our small part to reduce our impact on the environment.

Made in the USA

Having our products made in the USA was a non-negotiable.

US-Made products mean factories have to abide by US regulations and labor practices. These factories also employ American minimum wage and minority workers, who COVID-19 has hit hardest.

We are proud to be doing our small part for the environment and supporting American workers.

Who is Honeycomb Hippie?

Honeycomb Hippie (exclusively available at Tees for Bees) is an eco-apparel company with a passion for the environment.

We produce cheerful, attention-grabbing designs that invoke thought and ignite conversation around global environmental issues.

Our tees are all made in the USA using 100% organic cotton. We also use eco-friendly dyes for our fabric and water-based eco-friendly inks for our designs.

Causes We Love

From 2017 to 2020 we donated to Bee City Canada. In 2021, Pollinator Partnership took over Bee City Canada's funding, so we now send donations to Pollinator Partnership. This money is distributed to pollinator projects in the United States and Canada.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we are audited annually to ensure we meet our annual donations to environmental causes.

Tees for Bees Business Information

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