Our Story

Tees For Bees create a buzz about saving the bees with some funky tee shirts and other merchandise. We aim to bring the cause to the mainstream and to raise awareness among groups that would not usually be knowledgeable about bees and pollinators (aka the majority of the population).

It is important to note that Tees for Bees is a business, not a charity. We are better defined as a "business with a conscience." We donate a portion of our sales to bee charities like Bee City.

Ethically Sourced Apparel

Our goal at Tees for Bees is to provide customers with ethically sourced apparel and accessories. We research our manufacturers and their accreditations.

You can read more about our manufacturers and their accreditations here.

How Tees for Bees Started

Tees for Bees was founded by Kelly, a Canadian mechanical-engineer-turned-corporate-marketer-turned-entrepreneur. Kelly wanted to start a business that aligned with her passion for nature and conservation. And thus, Tees for Bees was born.

Kelly Butler founder of Tees for Bees
"If we want to help nature, I believe we should start with the bees." Kelly Butler

Why Bees?

Bee populations have been on the decline since the late 1990s. This decline is troublesome because bees are deeply connected with many ecosystems, and they pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including most of the crops we eat.

The declining bee population is also representative of a much larger issue: the destructive effects that we as human beings are having on nature as a whole.

The planet, as a whole, is an ecosystem. Plants, animals, and humans rely on each other for survival. If one species declines or becomes extinct, this has an effect on the whole ecosystem.

Bees play a crucial role as pollinators. Without pollinators, many plant species (including fruit and other crops) die out. Animals who rely on those plants for survival die out. The knock-on effect of losing pollinators is so immense, it's hard to imagine what the end result would be!

Enter Matt...

Matt Hallowes

In early 2020, Kelly had to make the tough choice to leave Tees for Bees behind for other career opportunities. Enter Matt...

Matt is from South Africa but has been living as a nomad since 2016. Matt currently lives between Europe and South East Asia.

“I'm blown away by the brand, and community Kelly has created. I'm excited to be involved with Tees for Bees and continue to build the brand.”

Tees for Bees Contributions

Those of you who have been with us for some time will know we used to donate 10% of profits to Bee City Canada. 

In April 2020, in an attempt to be more transparent, we have decided to change our donation structure from 10% of profits, to $2 from every tee, sweater and hoodie sold in our store (at least!) to our friends at Bee City to support the work they're doing to save the bees.

Through our Ambassador Program, we also participate in community outreach projects and educating young children.

Tees for Bees Business Information

United States

Tees for Bees LLC
8 The Green STE A

United Kingdom

Tees for Bees LTD
7 Cambridge Road
TW12 2JL

Email: hello@tsforbees.com
Call: +1 302 526 0521

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