Bee City

Who is Bee City?

Bee City helps raise awareness about pollinators and the vital role in our ecosystem. The organization focuses on urban areas where citizens can make a difference at home, in their yards, local parks, and communities.

When we think about saving the bees, the narrative is too often about changing agricultural practices or governments not doing enough. But there is a lot we can do at home and in our communities to help pollinators thrive.

Bee City has taken it upon themselves to help educate people about preserving pollinator habitats in our urban communities.

How Does Bee City Help?

So, how does Bee City help save the bees?


Bee City designs courses and programs for schools, colleges, and communities to educate people about;

  • The role pollinators play in our ecosystem;
  • The decline of bees and pollinators and what the world will look like without these incredible insects;
  • The corrective action we can take at home and in our lives to help increase pollinator habitats in urban communities;

A Bee City Near You

You can find Bee City in the United States and Canada. Both of these organizations are fully registered charities.

International Programs

If you are in Europe, offers links and resources to programs in the EU.

In Australia, Wheen Bee Foundation is an excellent pollinator charity to support.

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